Frequently Asked Questions

When do I need to order my GCMS?
- When your application is refused, you will receive some very general reasons similar to what is usually being sent to most of the applicants. However, if you would like to reapply addressing the denial grounds and rectifying them, the best reference is your GCMS which can be easily ordered through the secure CIC NOTES website (
How can I order my GCMS?
The officer’s notes are issued under the ATIP (Access to Information and Privacy Act) which is a federal law. ATIP gives the Canadian citizens and permanent residents the opportunity to access their information through any governmental department. However, if you are not a Canadian citizen or permanent resident, you can order your GCMS notes through the CIC NOTES secure website (
Does ordering GCMS put my application at risk?
No. In fact, GCMS is the only legal way of accessing to your information and is totally safe and secure. It is stated by law that GCMS must be issued impartially and unbiased and without any negative impacts on the application and you can order your GCMS as many times as you wish.
Does ordering GCMS delay the processing of my application?
Not at all. It could even speed up the processing of your application by making you aware of your application’s status and making you ready to take the next steps.
What is the best place I can order my GCMS?
CIC NOTES secure website ( is definitely the best place for you to order your GCMS. You can enjoy the high quality services our website offers you and wait for your GCMS without any concerns.
How long does it take to receive my ordered GCMS?
It usually takes 30 to 40 days for us to receive your GCMS from IRCC and we will immediately email it to you without any delays.